Young Professionals Take Action to Stay Healthy and Stay Wild.

A group of young philanthropists are getting behind the campaign to Keep Life Wild in Simcoe Muskoka with a $50,000 donation to RVH.

The Barrie Rotaract Club, made up of young professionals, aged 18-35, hopes that leading by example will inspire other young people to follow suit, committing to more accessible healthcare close to home.

Affiliated with Rotary International, the club’s fundraising is focused on key areas that also align with services RVH provides across our region, including fighting disease, caring for mothers and children, supporting education, growing local economies, and protecting the environment.

Club president, Kelsey McIntyre, said the decision to support the Keep Life Wild campaign was a “no-brainer“ for the group.

“Supporting the growth and expansion of RVH’s crucial health services aligns perfectly with our club’s mission and values,” she expressed. “As young people, it is important that we can ensure a future complete with world-class healthcare available for everyone in the region.”

The Keep Life Wild campaign is a $100 million fundraising campaign to expand RVH and bring more world-class, specialized care to our region. Regional care for things like cancer, heart issues, stroke, mental health, critical illness, and advanced imaging that only RVH can provide locally.

“We are making a commitment to accessible healthcare because we believe that together, we can make a meaningful impact on lives of the people we care about in their times of greatest need,” said club member, Jessica Comella.

Historically, community support is the driving force behind advancements in healthcare in Simcoe Muskoka and the club is no stranger to that idea.  

They also supported RVH’s “Hearts and Minds” campaign that made advanced cardiac care and inpatient child and youth mental health care accessible in our region in 2017. And as young people who grew up in this community, many current members recall the impact of the campaign that brought cancer care to our region before that.

“I was born at RVH,” said club member Liam Boldt. “I’ve seen what we are capable of through community initiatives like the ‘I Believe’ campaign. RVH has been the heart of our community for generations, and we owe it to ourselves to give every ounce of support we can to ensure it stays that way.”

The group raises money through various fundraisers held throughout the year, like their annual St. Paddy’s Day Bash, as well as through club dues. They support organizations that align with their mission to address the physical and social needs of their community.  

“While philanthropy is powerful at any age, to see young leaders giving back with such vigour is encouraging,” said RVH Foundation CEO, Pamela Ross. “Donor support is the only way we’re able to grow the specialized care programs that our neighbours, loved ones, and friends across our region rely on. We’re so grateful to the Barrie Rotaract Club for their generosity and dedication to ensuring the health of all of us today and in the future.”