Alanna Newlove embodies the Keep Life Wild spirit. She’s an avid skier, hockey player, water skier and wakeboarder. Outdoor adventures have always been part of her life, thanks to the influence of her parents.

In the winter of 2020, Alanna was six. At this young age, she already had three years of skiing experience under her belt.

On a cold night in February, she went skiing with her mom, Pam. The conditions were challenging. The snow was hard and compact. As they descended the last run of the night, Alanna took a turn and skied into a support post, just off the trail.

Pam rushed to her side.

“Alanna’s helmet took the brunt of the collision and was dented from the impact,” recalls Pam. “I tossed it onto the hill to get the attention of ski patrol.”

Pam, Alanna’s Mother

Alanna was taken by snowmobile to the ski resort’s first aid hut. Pam met her there. Upon seeing the severity of her injuries, they drove straight to the Emergency Department (ED) at RVH.

“Her helmet and goggles saved her life,” shares Pam.

The ED team took all precautions, giving her an ultrasound, CT scan, and X-ray right away. She had a broken nose, chipped sternum, and a concussion. She needed stitches in her forehead that have since left a scar she wears proudly.

“She handled everything so well,” says Pam.

Her family is grateful for the quick action of the team at RVH.

“My daughter got amazing care in the ED,” explains Pam. “Everyone who is part of that team is fantastic. Alanna is now back to doing all those adventurous things she loves. She’s not scared at all.”