From the ICU to the Slopes

Scott Dion is an avid skier and ski instructor.   

He was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, in 2016. Common complications of that condition are blood clots, something that would become an issue before Scott could begin treatment. 

Scott Dion, Grateful Patient

Just two weeks after his diagnosis was confirmed, Scott suffered a pulmonary embolism, a severe blood clot of an artery in his lung. He was rushed by ambulance from his home in Muskoka to the Bracebridge hospital in life-threatening condition. Upon arrival, they immediately redirected him to RVH, accompanied by a respiratory therapist and a nurse. There was no time to wait for the helicopter.  

“I was told later they almost stopped in Orillia to have me pronounced,” recalls Scott. “The nurse said, ‘no, there’s still activity, let’s keep going’ and I ended up at RVH.”  

When Scott arrived, his lungs were at two percent capacity. He was brought to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) right away. 

“The amazing people in the ICU, they saved my life,” says Scott, confidently. “I truly believe that.” 

While he was sedated in the ICU, the team took a bone marrow sample from his hip to determine if his lymphoma had spread.  

“I’m glad they got that over with while I was under,” he laughs.  

Though, he remembers waking up to a different kind of pain, a glaring reminder that his cancer journey was just beginning.  

“On the whiteboard in my room, it was noted that I was scheduled for chemotherapy the next day.” 

Scott recovered fully from the clot and his stay in the ICU, but the impact of his cancer diagnosis lasted much longer. He underwent chemotherapy followed by radiation at RVH for several months.  

Years later, this experience is in his rear view. He works in the lab at RVH, preparing specimens of other patients who might be about to embark on a journey similar to his. He is thankful for the chance to do this important work and shares his story to bring awareness to the life-saving care provided by his colleagues.  

Scott Dion, Grateful Patient

Today, Scott is back to living his wild life. He’s teaching skiing for the 23rd season and hits the slopes a few days a week in the winter months. When the snow is gone, he tours the region’s winding roads on his motorcycle. 

“I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the care and support I received at RVH and for the care team that was by my side when I was fighting the fight of my life.” 

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