Honour Your Baby in Our Little Wonders Garden

If you’ve ever been in the hospital and heard a chime over the PA system, that sound announces that a baby has just been born. Here at RVH, the birth of a baby is a special event and one that should be celebrated.

Our Little Wonders Garden offers families the opportunity to mark this special occasion by making a donation. By doing so, your baby’s name and birthdate are engraved on a flower petal that joins with other petals to become flowers in our commemorative garden.

Sadly, we know that not every birth results in happy tears. Babies who have passed away are memorialized in a special way. Their names are engraved on butterflies that soar in the sky above the flowers in our Little Wonders Garden.

Whether your child is honoured with a petal or a butterfly, you will receive a photo of their name once it joins our garden, and a keepsake certificate will be mailed to you.

This is a beautiful way to pay tribute to your baby while helping ensure all babies in our community have access to world-class healthcare, close to home. Your donation will help RVH expand our space, improve our technology and offer leading-edge treatments to help more patients.      

Please complete the form below to order your petal or butterfly, or click the orange button below to make a donation instead. For any questions please feel free to reach our office at 705.739.5600.

Little Wonders Garden was started with generous support from F.K. Group