At RVH Foundation, we’re a dedicated team of fundraising, marketing and donor experience professionals that work hard to unleash the greatness of RVH by rallying community support to provide the funds needed for state-of-the-art equipment, technology, research and innovation. We also like to stay healthy. And stay wild.

Pamela Ross
Foundation CEO
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Adrienne Clarke, seen from the chest up, wearing ski goggles and helmet while skiing outside

Adrienne Clarke
Vice President, Marketing & Donor Experience

Robyn Blanchet, seen from the shoulders up, wearing a white shirt and sunglasses. A lake and some trees can be seen in the background

Robyn Blanchet
Donor Advisor

Katelyn Dewar, seen from behind wearing a black shirt and hat while she canoes on a lake

Katelyn Dewar
Donor Advisor

Cybele Gorrissen, sitting on a jetski, wearing a life jacket and sunglasses. A lake can be seen behind her

Cybele Gorrissen
Marketing Officer

Trina Duncan wakeboarding on a lake, wearing a lifejacket

Trina Duncan
Events Officer

Fiona Innis, swimming in a lake. Only her head and arms can be seen above the water

Fiona Innis
Manager, Marketing

Jennifer Koutoulas, standing in front of some trees and other foliage. She is wearing a white hat and black coat

Jennifer Koutoulas
Development Coordinator

Allison Louth, wearing a brown sweater, holding her sons had while he leaders her through a field

Allison Louth
Donor Advisor

Ryan Matson
Donor Advisor

Amber Mcgarvey-Moreland, holding the hand of her daughter while both are skating on a homemade rink

Amber McGarvey-Moreland
Manager, Donor Advising

Ryan McLeod, touching a wall of ice inside an ice cave. He is wearing an orange helmet and black coat

Ryan McLeod
Digital Lead

Michelle Menzies, wearing a white hat, sun glassses, and black coat, while taking a selfie with her doodle

Michelle Menzies
Donor Experience Officer

Sarah Petrie, on a jetski. A lake and trees can be seen behind her

Sarah Petrie
Impact Content Lead

Kelly Pottage poses for a picture while on a bicycle in the forest

Kelly Pottage
Manager, Donor Experience

Kim Sexsmith crouches down to pose with her small dog while in the woods

Kim Sexsmith
Senior Administrative Assistant

Connie Woo
Donor Relations Assistant
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