When you think about medical imaging, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you picture an X-ray for a broken bone. The truth is, medical imaging does far more than you might think.

My name is Dr. Raj Grover, and I’m the Medical Director, Medical Imaging at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH). Every day, I witness the life-saving impact of medical imaging firsthand whether it’s helping diagnose and treat cardiac conditions, strokes, or cancers.

Dr. Raj Grover, Medical Director, Medical Imaging

When I joined the RVH team 12 years ago, almost every piece of imaging equipment was brand new. It was wonderful! However, much of our equipment is now reaching the end of its lifespan.

This means more maintenance required and longer wait times. We urgently need new MRI machines, Interventional Radiology equipment and several other pieces of technology if we’re going to continue to offer the same world-class, lifesaving care to our growing community. That’s why we’re counting on you.

Here’s just one example of how your generosity changes lives: just three months ago, RVH started offering PET-CT scans for the fi rst time in our region’s history, and it’s the only PET-CT scanner between Sudbury and Newmarket.

The PET-CT scanner—funded in part by generous donors—is an advanced dual imaging system that helps detect cancer cells and tumours in real time, before any other available test. This allows for early diagnosis and treatment, which then increases the chances of better medical outcomes.

The scanner is primarily used to diagnose cancer, monitor response to treatment, and detect recurrence, but we hope to eventually use it to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy.

Until now, more than 1,000 cancer patients from as far north as Sudbury have had to travel outside our region every year to obtain these crucial scans. Because of donors like you, patients can now stay close to their homes and loved ones while receiving the highest quality of care right here at RVH.

Medical imaging saves lives. Whether it’s an early cancer diagnosis or the discovery of internal bleeding after a car accident – I cannot say enough about the importance of having the most advanced imaging technology available for patients.

We can’t wait until our current equipment is past its best-before date. We need to start replacing it now, so there will be no disruption in the exceptional care you and your loved ones deserve. Acquiring new imaging technology isn’t just about having advanced equipment – it plays a vital role in ensuring everyone has the care they need throughout our region.

There is currently a strain on local hospitals and as our population continues to grow, having these technologies available at RVH will help bring care close to home, reduce travel times, and mitigate the risks of delay on timely delivery of diagnoses and treatments.