Valerie’s Story

Arriving at RVH, for an assessment the day before my scheduled C-section, I was anxious and excited. My twin babies would be here soon and I couldn’t wait to meet them.

But then, as so often happens in life, things didn’t go as planned. I was already in labour, even though I felt no pain.

My babies needed to be delivered right away.

Valerie Koroschetz – Grateful Patient

My twin girls, Verena and Lea, were born one minute apart. Lea was born first. I kissed her sweet little head and marvelled at her tiny fingers and toes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get that same opportunity with Verena – at least not right away. Moments after her birth, the nurses rushed her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for closer evaluation. My little girl would need urgent specialized care to thrive.

Thankfully, Verena was able to receive the lifesaving care she needed, close to home, right here at RVH. And, it’s thanks to caring supporters like you who helped make that possible.

Shortly after my twins were born, I was able to take Lea home. Her two big brothers were thrilled to meet her. It was nice to be back home but my heart ached for Verena – the precious tiny baby I had to leave in the NICU.

However, I found comfort in knowing that Verena wasn’t alone – not for a single moment. She was surrounded by a team of doctors and nurses who took exceptional care of her and treated her like their own child.

Thanks to caring supporters like you, Verena had access to the most advanced equipment and technology. She spent her first several hours on a CPAP machine until she could breathe on her own. Verena also needed a feeding tube which provided her body with the nutrients she urgently needed to grow strong and healthy.

Every day, my husband and I went to the NICU to visit our little girl. As I held Verena in my arms and rocked her gently, I would whisper stories about all the wonderful adventures her future would hold.

After 12 long days, we finally got the news we’d been hoping for. We could take our baby girl home – strong and healthy and ready to begin her life at home with us.

Verena and Lea are just over a year old now. Their brothers are ages three and five. As my children grow – as they experience the illnesses and injuries that inevitably come with childhood – it’s reassuring to know our regional health centre is growing too.

Why We Need You

RVH isn’t just growing in size – the team at RVH is also completely rethinking what a healthcare facility can be, and how it can best serve our booming and aging population.

There are big plans in place to expand the types of specialized lifesaving care that is available to all patients throughout our region.

As a recent patient, I’m especially excited about what they’re doing to keep moms and babies healthy and happy.

With your support, RVH is building a brand new NICU with leading-edge equipment and more space to provide the specialized care needed for our tiniest patients who arrive as early as 10 weeks ahead of schedule.

I know firsthand how much this will mean for families with a newborn who requires urgent and lifesaving care. Through RVH, our region’s babies are getting the best possible start to their life. And as they grow and age into adulthood, our regional programs will support and care for them if any other health issues arise. With thoughtful donors like you by their side, we will soon have access to more advanced imaging to diagnose and treat more types of cancer. We will also benefit from a full spectrum of world-class cardiac care, like minimally-invasive treatments for heart disease, including cardiac MRIs, CT cardiac studies and nuclear scans.

Meanwhile, a bigger, state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit will give RVH’s sickest patients every chance to make a full recovery and go home to their loved ones sooner. To accommodate all of these changes, RVH is expanding the current location in Barrie. Plus, they’re building a brand-new healthcare facility in Innisfil, one that will see up to 75,000 patient visits a year.

All of these wonderful improvements, plus many more, will help keep us healthy so we can continue to enjoy our wild lives, the life we know and love, here in Simcoe Muskoka.

As I’m sure you agree, it’s not a moment too soon.

Our region is one of the fastest growing in the province and it’s expected to double in the next 20 years. That’s not surprising when you consider how much this area has to offer people of all ages. I’m delighted so many of us are discovering the unique way of life we have here in Simcoe Muskoka. But, at the same time, I’m concerned about the strain so much growth will put on our local hospitals.

That’s why I’m incredibly grateful for the remarkable efforts RVH is undertaking to enhance the world class care our region rightfully deserves. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to individuals like you, whose generous support makes these advancements possible.

Your dedication plays a pivotal role in driving progress and transforming healthcare in our community. The significance of RVH’s expansion extends far beyond its immediate impact; it directly addresses the challenges faced by our local hospitals. By generously supporting RVH, you’re not only ensuring patients receive advanced specialized treatment close to home but also alleviating the strain on our healthcare system. Your generosity creates a ripple effect, leading to shorter wait times and fewer instances of hallway medicine, ultimately improving the quality of care for everyone.

Your generosity also funds the leading-edge equipment and technology care teams rely on to save lives. It helps attract the best health professionals and ensures our loved ones have access to specialized care close to home.

Life, as wonderful as it is, comes with its challenges. We never know if our loved ones or ourselves will receive a cancer diagnosis, suffer a stroke or heart attack, get seriously injured or deliver a child that requires urgent specialized lifesaving care. In moments like these, we can rely on RVH to be there for us – with the best possible equipment, most advanced treatments, and knowledgeable staff. And, it’s thanks to community supporters like you, that RVH is able to continue providing world-class care, closer to home.